PRiS Update - COVID-19

Dear Members,

The Peace Region Internet Society is taking precautions to avoid the spread of COVID-19 and to ensure uninterrupted services for our members.

As a means of minimizing public contact, we are encouraging members to take advantage of online tools to manage their PRiS services. If you wish to pay your PRiS statement, you can do so using the online services provided by your bank or credit union. Feel free to give our office a call if you require assistance with setting up online payments.

For those members that require technical support, we can be reached via telephone or email during our regular business hours. Please refrain from bringing your devices into our offices. We have multiple tools available for aiding our members and we can solve the vast majority of Internet and Email issues remotely.

We have also made changes to our bandwidth control mechanisms to provide additional bandwidth to those who have exceeded their monthly allotment. It should now be possible to do basic video conferencing or video streaming on these connections.

Our contact information is as follows: Telephone Support and General Inquires: 1-800-768-3311 General Inquiries: Technical Support:


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Peace Region Internet Society.

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