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PRiS Email Settings

If you're wanting to setup your PRiS email account on your computer or digital device, here are the settings you will need:

Email provider: Other

Account Type: IMAP

Incoming Mail Server:

Port: 993

Encryption type: SSL/TLS or SSL (Accept all certificates)

Outgoing Mail Server:

Port: 465

Encryption type: SSL/TLS or SSL (Accept all certificates)

Authentication Required: Yes

*Please note that we no longer support the POP3 Account Type. 

Apple Email Setup

Adding your PRiS email to your iPhone, iPad or iMac is extremely easy! On your Apple device, you can use the Simple iPhone Account Setup page to download the email settings directly to your device. 


Simply use the following link to download the email settings to your device and follow the visual guide below:

Remote Desktop Support

There may be times when one of our Technical Support Technicians will need to remotely access your computer to provide technical support. In these cases, we will direct members to this page so that they can download our PRiS TeamViewer Remote Support app. Please only download and install the PRiS TeamViewer app when requested by one of our Technical Support Technicians.

The PRiS TeamViewer Remote Support app can be downloaded here:

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